Over the past 24 years Mistydowns has been growing rare and unusual perennials. Our range of plants we offer is wide and varied. We offer perennials shrubs and sometimes trees but most are of the harder to find varieties. Our list is constantly changing and as plant varieties sell out we introduce other plants that are ready for sale. All are well grown and are potted & labelled in 7.5cm tubes ready for you to plant in your garden.

We mail perennials via Australia Post from March to November each year. Plants are not sent during the warmer months. Any order received during our no-send period will be processed & sent as soon as possible in March.

If you would like a plant, add it to your online shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. Please note you can view your order and make adjustments at any time. You will receive an email with your order details once you have placed your order.

Please Note: Any perennial orders received after 8th December 2014 will be sent out from March 2015.

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