Frequently Asked Questions

When will my peony order ship?

Peonies are only sent as bare-rooted stock from early June to the end August each year. Occasionally we may offer potted peonies at other times during the year.  This will be clearly stated on the listing.

*Please note pre-order bare-rooted peonies will ship in the order they are received. We will try to get pre-orders out as quick as possible but it is hard to give an estimate on delivery dates with bare-rooted stock. You will receive your order within the bare-rooted time frame mentioned above. If there is any delay outside of our control we will notify you as soon as possible as to when your order will be dispatched.

If I have multiple orders can I combine them?

We will happily take additions to a current order so please email us at with any additions. All orders will be treated as separate orders due to the shear volume of orders we are trying to process during the bare-root season.

What happens if a peony dies?

Plants are a living product, its performance will depend on the growing conditions and how it is cared for, which are factors beyond our control. We cannot therefore automatically accept responsibility for losses. If your plant has received our recommended care and doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, please contact us via email at as soon as possible. We do not guarantee roses or peonies planted away from the residence of the purchaser. Warranty against losses is valid for 60 days from the date your order is shipped.

What happens if a plant on my order becomes unavailable?

Unfortunately losses, breakages or unsaleable plants do happen. We have no control over this and the available numbers we list online is an estimate. We will not know true numbers until we dig and this happens when we ship your order. If a plant becomes unavailable on your order we will issue a refund and note this on your order.  If we cannot issue a refund we will move your unavailable plant/s to a forward order and ship them to you before any other orders the following season.

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